Lazy Games was started in 2004 by a group of adventure games enthusiasts with years of experience in the industry.

Mouse World

For years, we've been working with a well-known artist Natalia Fadeeva transforming her fairytale worlds into digital form. We've published 2 critically acclaimed award winning children's games (with ND Games) and independently completed our third game featuring Fadeeva toys and landscapes.


We have localized several hundred games for the Russian market bringing our main partner ND Games Best Localization Award for the year 2008. We have translated and recorded dozens of bestselling titles (Broken Sword series, Runaway series, The Witcher and Batman Arkham Asylum to name a few).

Interactive storytelling

In 2005-2006, we developed 3 adventure games based on bestselling Russian movies. In 2007, we completed our first big adventure title after the famous Jaroslav Hasek novel for 1C Company.

Better games for kids

At the turn of 21st century, computer games for children were largely seen as a cheap second-rate product in Russia. We started to change that stereotype by setting higher standards for translation and voicing of children's computer games. In the past years we collaborated with most of major Russian publishers and have localized over a hundred of best kids' titles from most of the World's leading developers and publishers.

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